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VATE proudly announces our 10th Literacy Explosion, a language arts festival designed to celebrate and promote the integration of literacy and 21st century learning skills. Literacy Explosion encourages and rewards Virginia students’ excellence in reading, writing, speaking, presenting, filming, drawing, and acting. 

 Who:    K-12 Students

What:    Students showcase their literacy skills in six categories

When:    Teachers register students by March 4, submit projects Feb. 28-March 4 in VATE dropbox 

2023 Literacy Explosion Flyer

Book Cover

Book Trailer

Digital Poster

Photo Essay


Scene It

Winners will be announced April 1, and medals will be mailed to 1st, 2nd & 3rd place winners in April.

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Project Submission

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2020 Winners

High School


1st Place – Eric L., Eli B., Danielle E., & Hannah R. 

2nd Place –  Dua U., Brooke B., Isaac G., & Shawn J.


1st Place –  Jahzara L., Shawn J., Adam R., Jonathan K., Alyssa W., & Abbygale B.

2nd Place – Alicia G., Analuisa F., Austin L., Alan E., Dua U,, & Yulisa S.

3rd Place –  Natalie H., Zion H., Omartae G., Jayden C., Zy’Adria M., & Zach H. Taylor


Middle School

Photo Essay

1st Place –  Juliette W.

Digital Poster

1st Place –  Cassidy T. & Naomi Z.

2nd Place –  Milton R.


1st Place –  Elika K.

2nd Place – Abby N., Martina R., Maggie B., & Maggie B.

3rd Place – Shyanne B

3rd Place – Benjamin J. & Samuel S.




Book Trailer

1st Place –  William L.

2nd Place – Mona R.

3rd Place – Evan L.

Book Cover

1st Place –  Gavin S.

2nd Place –  Maggie F.

3rd Place – Jada D. & Julia L.


1st Place –  Benjamin J. & Samuel S.