Virginia English Journal is VATE’s refereed journal.  It is published twice each year, and contains articles of interest to teachers of English, teacher educators, and others concerned with the teaching of English.

This fall we will gather in Virginia Beach and we will explore this connection between Reading and Writing.  The theme for the 2023 Winter Edition of the VEJ has the same scope.  Let us know how reading and writing connects you to yourself, to others, to the past and how it builds a bridge to the future.  How do you help your students find meaning through writing?  How do you use reading to help students understand who they are, and what the world is like beyond themselves?  How have you used writing and reading both as mirrors and as windows in our diverse world?  How have you moved students to see reading and writing not just as a required task, but as an opportunity for growth and connection?

Want to submit an article, but not sure how to go about preparing one?  Come to the VATE conference in October and attend a session with the editor.  Spend time workshopping your piece and get feedback from your peers before you submit.

Questions? Contact the Virginia English Journal editor!

2023 Call for Submissions