VATE’s SOL Waiver Letter

Make your voice heard in Washington! Public schools are overwhelmed by the pandemic and its educational effects. The crisis cannot be addressed only by state and local governments. While the VDOE has offered more flexibility in SOL testing and waivers in some subjects for the 2020-2021 school year, the federal government has not. The federal government must understand the educational impact of state standardized tests on the country’s schools and step in to take action.

Pick up your pen or your keyboard and make a difference. Adapt the sample letter and tell Virginia Senators Warner and Kaine, as well as your U.S. representative, to propose or support an educational waiver for nationally-mandated state standardized tests for the school year of 2020-2021.

Although printed and signed letters are most effective, you might want to send emails. In the subject line of your emails, you might write, “Waive federal testing requirements for States and Localities for Public Schools.”

You can email Senator Warner through his website here.

You can email Senator Kaine through his website here.

Mailing addresses for Senators Warner and Kaine are included in the sample letter. You can find your U.S. representative’s name and contact information at

After sending your letter, please get two friends to send letters. Make your voice heard as you know what is best for your students!


VATE’s Executive Board