Join the Ranks

Getting involved with a professional organization, such as VATE, keeps an individual on the cutting edge of the teaching profession, with a clear vision of what the future of English education holds. VATE is the state affiliate of the National Council of Teachers of English. VATE provides English teachers from around the state and country with opportunities to meet and share with one another.

Anyone interested in the advancement of the English Language Arts curricula is invited to join VATE. The organization is not limited to English teachers or even teachers. The group wants input and involvement from anyone concerned with language arts instruction from preschool to graduate school and public and private instruction.

Membership is $25.00 per year. Currently enrolled student membership is $15.00 per year. Join online and pay your dues through Square! If you’d like to join using our paper form, please contact the Executive Secretary.

Building Level Memberships

The Virginia Association of Teachers of English is committed to enhancing the quality of the teaching of English and language arts in the Commonwealth.  VATE encourages building principals and department chairs to “join our team” by purchasing a Building Level Membership for your English/Language Arts faculty. This saves teachers the individual yearly membership cost of $25 each.

The benefits of a Building Level Membership are as follows:

  • Full membership for all English faculty members (including eligibility for awards and mini-grants and voting privileges)
  • A copy of each issue of  VATE Voices, VATE’s quarterly newsletter, for each English faculty member
  • All English faculty members may register for the annual conference at the member rate
  • Access to Virginia English Journal online, VATE’s bi-annual professional journal that has relevant and timely teaching ideas with useful references written by educators

Building Membership Cost: $150

Regional Membership

If you would like to streamline your affiliate status and pay only a single amount through your affiliate, you can pay for a Regional Membership, which allows a single payment to VATE that leaves room for growth.  The Regional Membership is paid once per year based on membership at that time of year, leaving room for recruitment and growth for next calendar year at no expense to the affiliate.  

Below are the group sizes and membership costs.

Membership Cost

  • 10 or fewer members: $200

  • 11-15 members: $260 

  • 16-20 members: $350

  • 20+ members: Speak with the Affiliate Chair

For further information, please check the policy and procedures document or contact the Affiliate Chair, David DuBose, as