Affiliate Information

Benefits of Affiliation:

  • Have a local network of trusted members who support one another
  • Collect affiliate member dues to host local affiliate events
  • Access to all standard membership resources including the online resource database


  • Yearly report on activities and membership
  • At least 3 representatives at VATE conference
  • Assure affiliate members were also members of VATE

Affiliate Start Up Procedure:

  1. Form a group of five or more people interested in VATE affiliation

  2. Apply for affiliate status with initial meeting agenda at XXXXXXX (Web-form to be created)

  3. Hold first meeting with a central event (like a speaker or panel discussion), decide on affiliate dues and positions

  4. Submit initial meeting report to finalize affiliation

VATE will reimburse up to $50 in initial meeting costs (with receipts) if five new VATE members are signed up within the first six months.